Deepest Unknown v. 2
Deepest Unknown project is an artistic collaboration with AI, generating speculative stories and images that illuminate the mysteries and potential losses of remote underwater environments. The project envision life beyond our limitations while exploring our connection with water and the ecological consequences of human actions. Through digital tools and mechanical techniques, the project transports viewers into alternative realities, expanding our comprehension of deep ocean ecologies. The analysis of individual sea creatures prompts a reassessment of our relationship with water and recognizes technology's impact on our perception of nature.

The Deepest Unknown v. 2 has evolved into an immersive VR film experience, showcasing a digitized deep-sea landscape populated by AI-generated creatures. Using customized datasets and advanced techniques like the StableDiffusion plugin enhances the realism of the virtual world. The soundscape is inspired by sound propagation in deep waters, piecing together AI-generated sound samples and hydrophone field recording data from MBARI and NOAA. The film script, co-created with ChatGPT - analyzes conversation, including a grant proposal, speculative dialogues, and project descriptions, then read by an AI-voice named Carla. The installation layout is inspired by deep-water currents, offering a 3D waterly landscape from the two perspectives of VR users on the screen.

Deepest Unknown is realised by collaboration with Colette Aliman (deep-sea soundscape design), Loden Rietveld(deep-sea soundscape engineering), Taegwon Bae(film Art Directing, 3D Art), and Marsha van Leersum(assistant).

Year: 2023

Location: V2_Lab for Unstable Media. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Exhibition Title: ‘Tryday: Wintersession 2023’

Production Residency Dates: 13.02 to 17.02.23

Presentation Dates: 14.07.23

The 'Deepest Unknown' project is supported and funded by Z33, Het Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media.