[NeeNee Collective] SUNNYSIDE UP Exhibition
As a group of young cross-cultural Asian artists and designers based in the Netherlands and active internationally, NeeNee Collective reflects on their role as creative practitioners at the transcultural limit. Their work is at the intersection of form and meaning, infused with their own experiences. NeeNee Collective entangled cultural landscapes. NeeNee previously explored the plasticity of domestic life through objects, graphics and scenography. Since then, the collective’s creative explorations continue to develop through fluctuating encounters with the shifting paradigms of globalized living.

Cultural Mutation
The artists and designers at NeeNee Collective manifest their creativity in a foreign setting, where it mutates day by day through their tireless effort. They each reveal and nurture the universes connected with their own personal narratives, which speak of their existence mode, and do not seek to be aesthetic or functional.
The exhibition evokes a feeling that is equal parts nurturing, quotidian, absurd—a sort of frustrated but fertile cycle in these scrambled times. Each of their practices transplants and nurtures a sort of distorted assemblage made from transcultural ingredients: a sort of cell culture, a metamorphosis of visual languages.

Migrating Methodologies
Sunny-side Up does not have one form. Instead, it showcases the many instruments of the NeeNee collective which shares an approach to materiality, shape, and storytelling through a multidisciplinary methodology in which migrations and implants are key.
Their projects crawl at the lining of familiarity: the traces of “control of aesthetic concealment,” which they have inherited from the mainstream Asian culture, have transmuted. They took shape and developed into something new that is properly their own.
Location: Plan B. Eindhoven, NL

Date: Dutch Design Week, October 2021

Participated Artists/Designers: Che Go Eun, Erika Shiba, Dae Uk Kim, Sho Ota, Yoon Shun, Jeonghoon Shin, Soyoun Kim, and Kurina Sohn.

This edition was curated by Soyoun Kim, Kurina Sohn, Dae Uk Kim and Yoon Shun.

Photographed by Pierre Castignola.

Supported by Cultuur Eindhoven.
Project by Che Go Eun, Erika Shiba, Dae Uk Kim, Sho Ota, Yoon Shun, Jeonghoon Shin, Soyoun Kim, and Kurina Sohn.
TOP: Solidified 00, 2021. Kurina Sohn
LEFT: Orbit pot, 2020. Yoon Shun
RIGHT: Herethere. Erika Shiba
Solidified00: SUNNYSIDE UP
Project by Che Go Eun, Dea Uk Kim and Soyoun Kim.
SUNNYSIDE UPProject by Jeonghoon Shin, Yoon Shun and Sho Ota.