[NeeNee Collective] Transcrossing Identities Exhibition
Do you dream being a butterfly or are you a butterfly dreaming to be a human being? This metaphor from an ancient poem by Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou, about the transition between sleeping and awakening – living in different worlds, cultures and identities – was the inspiration for NeeNee's exhibition in Kazerne. In the exhibition Transcrossing Identities, they reflect on the hybrid being; on the intersection of metamorphosis, interaction, connections and differences in gender and ethnicity.
Location: Kazerne. Eindhoven, NL

Date: May 12 - October 9, 2022

Participated Artists/Designers: Che Go Eun, Dae uk Kim, Dongwook Jang, Jaehun Park, Kurina Sohn, Leilei Wu, Liam Lee, Marcos Kueh, Nomin Zezegmaa, Sho Ota, Soyoun Kim, Yesum Yoon.

This edition was curated by Soyoun Kim, Kurina Sohn and Dae Uk Kim.

Photographed by Pierre Castignola.

Supported by Kazerne and Cultuur Eindhoven.
Transcrossing Identities
Project by Dongwook Jang, Kurina Sohn, Nomin Zezegmaa, Yesum Yoon.
Transcrossing Identities
Project by Dae uk Kim, Jaehun Park, Sho Ota, Liam Lee.
Transcrossing Identities
Project by Che Go Eun, Leilei Wu, Marcos Kueh, Soyoun Kim.