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Urban Adaptation  

Contemporary Dance Performance

Urban Adaptation 2015
Photographed by Nat Raum

In collaboration with Peabody choreographer, Constance Dinapoli and five dancers, “Urban Adaptation” is a contemporary dance performance that reflects on current notions of home and city living. The show takes inspiration from the designer’s collective experiences of being born in South Korea but raised between 4 other countries and 11 cities. The performers’ movements express the fast-paced nature of the urban environment and the idea of human co-existence within these structures.

Urban Adaptation 2015
Photographed by Nat Raum

The designers worked with various elements to mediate between the complex interactions between dancers and the inhabited space. The stage was inspired by the visual illusion of rain and lightning within cities, composed of various banners, umbrellas, and street lights representing these aspects of the urban environment.

Urban Adaptation 2015
Photographed by Nat Raum

The interaction between music and  lights resembles thunder, while the flickering lights on the umbrellas simulates lightning on a rainy day. This technical aspect of the umbrellas is made possible through coding and data design: the higher the frequency, the more it flickers; the louder the volume, the brighter the effect. The umbrellas create lights according to the generated sound/music data (Rhino CAD Program> Grasshopper(Plug-in)> Firefly(Plug-in), which sends out UDP signal to Arduino with wifi-shield to control the LEDs. To generate the lightning effect, the frequency reflects the flickering while the volume controls the brightness of LEDs.

Constance Dinapoli
Jacqueline W. Tse, Andrea Lasner , Alicia Jackson, Christine Buttorff, Cyndal Gilmore
Lithuanian Hall | Baltimore
Technical Support
Ryan Hoover, Alan Grover and Paul Mirel